Search Engine Optimisation

For most businesses, the goal of Search Engine Optimisation is for your website to rank on Google and be visible to potential clients and customers. Success, however, is not just about how well your website ranks on Google, but how profitable your business is.

In short, SEO is not quick or easy, and there is no “one size fits all” solution. That’s why it’s important to have trust in the SEO agency you choose. At Ciffone Digital, our top priority is not only to build a strong relationship and trust, but to also work with you to build the right SEO campaign to fit your business’s needs. The foundation for good SEO is always built on:

The Right Keywords

The Right Pages

The Right Content

Organic search is referred to as “organic” because organic results are meant to reflect the internet’s natural ebb and flow. Trends and algorithm updates come and go, but with our team on your side you’ll always be safe. Our SEO team will ensure that you’re providing the best content that you can for their users.

A lot of SEO agencies rely on expensive software and tools to do their job for them, we do not. Our approach involves fully understanding your business, determining your users true wants/needs, and recommending the ideal forms of content to satisfy them. We believe in doing SEO the right way, which is not by taking shortcuts. When done properly, SEO can be one of the best ROI generating investments a company can make.

Our founder, Mike Ciffone, is known within the SEO community for his SEO auditing ability and knowledge of Technical SEO.

Mike is able to dive into tech SEO and uncover things often missed by a less experienced digital marketer. He goes further and sees the big picture which can make or break your campaign and results.

Yosef Silver

Digital Marketing Speaker, CEO of Fusion Inbound

On-Page and Technical SEO Services

SEO Audits

Our approach to auditing a website is very straightforward – search for the weird and keep digging until the problem reveals itself. Ultimately, everything ends up connected. We conduct audits before each campaign by default, but also on an individual basis.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO can mean a lot of things these days. It includes much of what we look at in our full SEO audits. The primary goal here is to uncover technical anomalies that exist under the hood of your website that may be contributing factors to the cause of drops in rankings or traffic.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the very core of SEO. It sets the stage for the show. We leverage a combination of intuition, experience, search volume data, and other relevant metrics when conducting our keyword research. Our data comes from Mangools. It's important to understand that the right keywords aren't always the most searched ones

On-Page Optimization & UX

Our team blends tried and true on-page SEO best practices with a great overall user experience to make each page on your site the as relevant as possible to the user. Spammy tactics like repetitive exact match keywords in your title tag or H1 will only hurt you - use natural language and fit in keywords when it's logical. Our primary focus is providing genuine value to your users.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a staple for restaurants, banks, coffee shops, and other brick and mortar businesses that need to be found on maps and local organic results. There's more to Local SEO than just setting up Google My Business and creating citations. Our team will help you get involved in your community and make an impact.

JavaScript SEO

We can help teams ensure that their JavaScript powered experiences built on frameworks such as React and Angular are easy for search engines to crawl, render, and index. The way we get involved can be totally up to your team and the way you work. We're no strangers to agile and scrum.

Our Approach to Search Engine Optimization

At Ciffone Digital, we’re committed to doing SEO the proper way, which is not by taking shortcuts or trying to game search engines. Real SEO requires patience, discipline, extreme curiosity and constant testing and experimentation.

We condemn any/all violations of Google’s Guidelines (aka black hat SEO) and spammy tactics. Our SEO strategy is white hat and focused on providing value to your users through high quality, unique content and exceptional user experiences. Our philosophy is not to build links, but instead to earn them

There was a time, roughly between 2008-2015 when it was relatively easy to rank a website on the first page for specific keywords by acquiring a lot of backlinks to a website with its target keywords in the anchor text.

On Google, this lead to many of the top results for a search not existing by merit of quality, but because they were “optimized” by someone who understood how to “optimize” the site.

Over the past 5-6 years, Google has released a number of algorithm updates to ensure the quality of the results that it ranks on the first page of results.

Nowadays, it requires a lot of hard work and effort to maintain good rankings. For a given Google search, the top results are always the pages that provide the best and most useful content relevant to what the searcher is looking for.

Sites must also be mobile friendly, provide a good User Experience (UX) and be optimized for page load performance and speed.

Mike talks about these things and more in his blog post How to Think About Ranking on Search in 2021